Belgian Tyre Services

Your professional partner for forklift and industrial tyres

Who is BTS?

Belgian Tyre Services

BTS is your expert partner for forklift and industrial tyres in Belgium.

Our mobile teams provide tyre services all over the country. BTS can supply all tyre brands and is also an exclusive distributor for the Trelleborg ST3000 range.

Belgian Tyre Services is not just a go-to source for a first rate tyre service, but can also handle polyurethane foam filling. That means no more punctures and in turn a longer and more productive service life. Tyres filled with polyurethane also make for more stable machines.

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Your specialist in forklift and industrial tyres

What we offer

At Belgian Tyre Services, we supply professionals, industrial companies, tyre centres and rental companies with a wide range of forklift and industrial tyres.

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Are you in the business?

Looking for an expert partner who can help you supply, fill and fit forklift tyres?

Are you a tyre dealer?

Looking for a partner who can reach your customer on site quickly? A partner with a mobile tyre service that you can also offer as your own?

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Are you a rental company?

Do you want a partner to help optimise the efficiency of your fleet? Someone to carry out on-side checks and maintenance?

On-site operations

Mobile tyre service

Need help on site? Our mobile tyre service means we can repair your tyres anywhere in Belgium. It can be that simple!


Book an appointment

Call our service desk stating your tire size and vehicle type. We schedule an appointment immediately.


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Our team comes to your location

Our team will assess the damage and make a recommendation.

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We carry out the intervention

You can get straight back to work.