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Your partner for forklift and industrial tyres

What we offer for professionals

Looking for an expert partner who can help you supply, fill and fit forklift tyres? At Belgian Tyre Services, you have found the right place.

Forklift tyre sales

With a stock of 5,000 tyres, Belgian Tyre Services specialises in selling high-quality tyres for forklifts and industrial machinery.

Filling tyres

Flat tyres? You can also come to us for an extensive preventive tyre service.

If your situation calls for it, we will fill your tyres to prevent them from puncturing. This provides additional stability and longer life for your tyres.

Tyre fitting

You have come to the right place for quick fitting of tyres for your forklifts. We can replace worn tyres with new, high-quality full rubber forklift tyres.

Tyres up to 34” can be fitted at our sites or by our mobile operating team at your premises.

Mobile operating team

Looking for professional help at your location? We offer a mobile tyre service across the whole country, so we are always on site quickly. Our short fitting times mean that your machines will be straight back in operation.

On-site operations

Mobile tyre service

Need help on site? Our mobile tyre service means we can repair your tyres anywhere in Belgium. It can be that simple!


Book an appointment

Call our service desk stating your tire size and vehicle type. We schedule an appointment immediately.

T +32 (0)9 380 23 15

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Our team comes to your location

Our team will assess the damage and make a recommendation.

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We carry out the intervention

You can get straight back to work.

Your professional partner

Why choose BTS?

Looking for a professional partner that puts you and your customers first?

Years of experience

Thanks to our years of experience in the sector, we can meet any challenge. Whatever your needs, we can sort them out. Whatever your needs, we can sort them out.

Back-up for staff shortages

Temporary shortage of tyre fitters? Our teams are at your service all over Belgium. That way your temporary problem will be solved.

Reach more customers, without additional investment

We have teams all over Belgium and use only state-of-the-art equipment. If you use our mobile tyre service, you don’t have to make any investments yourself, and you lose as little time as possible.

Specialised and using the latest equipment

Our teams have the expertise and experience to deal with any situation. Modern equipment also ensures better efficiency and time savings.