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Your partner for forklift and industrial tyres

Belgian Tyre Services

BTS is your expert partner for forklift and industrial tyres in Belgium.

Our mobile teams provide tyre services all over the country. BTS can supply all tyre brands and is also an exclusive distributor for the Trelleborg ST3000 range.

Belgian Tyre Services is not just a go-to source for a first rate tyre service, but can also handle polyurethane foam filling. That means no more punctures and in turn a longer and more productive service life. Tyres filled with polyurethane also make for more stable machines.

Forklift and industrial tyres

Your professional partner

For many years, BTS has been the leading partner for professionals, rental companies and tyre centres looking for high-quality service and a top-of-the-line product. Our customers and partners are our number one priority, which enables us to forge long-term relationships and become a long-term trusted partner.

BTS Team

Your professional partner

Why choose BTS?

Looking for a professional partner that puts you and your customers first?
Then a partnership with Belgian Tyre Services is exactly what you are looking for!

Years of experience

Thanks to our years of experience in the sector, we can meet any challenge. Whatever your needs, we can sort them out. Whatever your needs, we can sort them out.

Back-up for staff shortages

Temporary shortage of tyre fitters? Our teams are at your service all over Belgium. That way your temporary problem will be solved.

Reach more customers, without additional investment

We have teams all over Belgium and use only state-of-the-art equipment. If you use our mobile tyre service, you don’t have to make any investments yourself, and you lose as little time as possible.

Specialised and using the latest equipment

Our teams have the expertise and experience to deal with any situation. Modern equipment also ensures better efficiency and time savings.